What is Tapestri?

How Tapestri WorksSimply install a free app made for the people, by the people,
which offers transparency and money to each individual,
instead of each app. ( Join for Free with Joe)
There is nothing to buy and nothing to sell as a free user, just an app that pays YOU to use it.
Click here to Register & Join for Free with Joe Jepsen as your Referer

Click here to Register & Join for Free with Joe Jepsen as your Referer

The first month isn’t much as the app starts to work, but in months two and beyond it can be an extra $10-$20 and even up to $25 a month just for having the app on your phone…
(anyone else offering you that?)

If you have installed it already, just quickly make sure you have it set up to where you are earning money daily. Two short videos on how to get set up to earn:
Android: https://vimeo.com/640130661(1:38)
Apple: https://vimeo.com/597337788 (1:08)

Any questions message me!
– Joe

Install the app for FREE or become an affiliate and help everyone Tap Into Maximum earnings.

How many apps on your phone PAY YOU RIGHT NOW? Most of them show you ads, but all you get for it is to play their silly game, so they can show you more ads…

Did you know you are giving your power away to many tech companies and they are making a fortune on your “generosity”?! Let’s put an end to that ASAP!

Yahoo finance is talking about Tapestri! – The Wall Street Journal is talking about Tapestri!
When you download PLEASE LET ME KNOW I want to make sure you set it up correctly.

You’ve Got Powers! Time to tap into them!

I’ve chosen to not only take back my power & put that “fortune” in my own pocket (where it always belonged) but to give you the POWER to do so too.

It’s YOUR dollars and YOUR decision.

You see, our cell phones cost us a lot of money and we unknowingly generate a lot of money for each app on it.

This app is currently available in the USA (expanding into INTL markets quickly) and it takes all that revenue being generated and puts it in your pocket.

WOOHOO! One simple app that pays the PEOPLE who install it.

The app simply takes all that anonymous data these apps are monetizing and puts that money in YOUR account to do with whatever you want. It’s YOUR dollars and YOUR decision.

TAPESTRI = The App That Pays!

It is as simple as that. We made an app that pays the people because the people are creating the value and weren’t getting anything for it.

Get paid to use your phone
Click here to join for free with Joe Jepsen as your referrer.

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