Website Re-design Service


This is How Smart Business Owners Re-design Their Sites

1. Evaluate Current Metrics

By current metrics, we mean information about your current website traffic. How many visits per day do you get? How long are they staying? What activities do those visitors spend the most time doing?

2. Determine Quantifiable Goals

Next, you should decide what quantifiable goals you want the new website to meet. Do you want more traffic? More leads? More phone calls? Whatever your goals are, having them in mind will help you make smart design choices.

3. Pick Your Message

Every brand should have a story.

So, what’s YOUR brand’s story?

Determine what message you want to share with your website visitors. What sets you apart from the competition? Why should consumers buy from you instead of someone else? Having a clear message at the center of your web design means every page of your site will support your company narrative. This translates to more customers and greater profits.

4. Determine Your Audience

Who do you want to visit your site? Are your potential customers technically savvy, or are they website novices? Are they more likely to come visit or place a delivery order?

With your metrics reviewed, goals established, message decided and audience identified, you’ve covered adequate ground to begin your website redesign.

If you’re ready for your website to FINALLY bring in the volume of business it was meant to bring, CONTACT US so we can discuss a plan to create the best website for your business in particular.