Protect your Privacy with new PureVPN Features!

Ad Blocking

Every PureVPN app now has built-in server-level protection against annoying & intrusive ads.
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PureVPN is now the only provider that offers complete protection against ads and online trackers.

URL Filtering

PureVPN can automatically block rogue websites from loading on your device.

You can also specify websites that you don’t want to open on your device.

Get server-level protection from PureVPN against the worst viruses and malware.

PureVPN now has an updated archive of virus and malware signatures and stops them from entering your network.

App Filtering
PureVPN will help you block the apps you don’t want to execute on your device.

Identify apps that you don’t want your children or employees to use on their devices.

PureVPN detects and protects you against every incoming intrusion and threat.

Get proactive protection against major threats on the internet with PureVPN.

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