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One of the main components of self-development and a primary skill of emotional intelligence is optimism.


Optimism is an important aspect of positive psychology – a branch of psychology that deals with how individuals can be happier. Our outlook on life is a very important aspect of our development as a person and a critical factor that is responsible for our overall growth and success in life.

People with a pessimistic outlook always find it more difficult to navigate through life than those who are optimistic. They may find it difficult to advance in their chosen career or relationship. How we react to the failures and disappointments in our lives can shape many things. It can mean the difference between experiencing events in our lives as negative or positive. Our stress levels and health will be affected.

This eBook will be discussing what optimism is all about. Its origin and definition. You will learn why it’s important and how you can become a daily optimist. You’ll see it’s many potential benefits, and why cultivating an optimistic and positive outlook on life is essential to your wellbeing, relationships, and chosen career.

BONUS: The Daily Optimist Workbook

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