Reflexology: What The Science Shows


In recent years, reflexology found itself growing in popularity. In turn, it became less vilified and deemed more reliable and beneficial. With its growing popularity, scientific research and funding began to grow, too.
As time goes on, reflexology seems to be set to grow and expand even more. Someday, perhaps, reflexology could grow to be as accessible and famous as the widely praised acupuncture.

Reflexology can expand and broaden the wellness of so many, and the support of science can aid in doing just that.



An Introduction To The General Concepts
The Science of Pain
Reflexology: What The Science Shows
Chronic Pain and Reflexology
Reflexology for Female Reproductive Health
Reflexology for Pain Experienced by Cancer Patients
Reflexology and Breast & Lung Cancer, Specifically
Reflexology for Nausea, Vomiting and Fatigue in Cancer Patients
Reflexology for Fatigue, Sleep and Pain
Reflexology for Depression, Stress, and Immunity
Reflexology and Hypertension
Reflexology and Pain Following Surgery
The Trouble with Science & Energy Work
The Controversy
Potential Falsehoods of Reflexology
The Future of Reflexology

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