person using hand sanitizer

Do You Really Need to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer?

There’s a common assumption that hand sanitizers will help you avoid the COVID-19 virus. This is a misconception. While these little bottles of alcohol-based solutions can help to kill some bacteria, they’re not your most potent weapon against the coronavirus. Currently, people are hoarding bottles of hand sanitizers and some are even reselling them at […]

man meditating on beach in front of an unplugged tv

Developing a Strong Mind When Everyone Else is Losing Theirs

People are panicking. They’re stressed and hoarding and panic buying. Get on social media, and everyone and their plumber is going on and on about the COVID-19 pandemic. While the coronavirus is a serious matter and is cause for concern, it’s still no excuse to get sucked into the current whirlwind of fake news, panic […]

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