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Positive lifestyle exercises

You can perform physical and mental activities that can help you become more positive and less apprehensive.

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How to feel fulfilled with your Life

Many people confuse fulfillment with happiness. While the two share many common traits, they’re quite different.  The biggest difference is that you can be happy because of something that happened at the moment. But, overall, you still feel like you’re leading a life without meaning or purpose, and, hence, no fulfillment.  Let’s explore the impact […]

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Simple Steps to Reprogram your mind

While every method is different, there are three steps that each uses to reprogram your mind.

Avoidance creates more stress

Avoiding things creates more stress

Avoiding difficult or stressful tasks is a natural tendency for many people. However, avoiding these tasks can lead to increased anxiety and stress in the long run. It can also lead to missed opportunities and a lack of personal growth.

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Mantra Meditation

Mantras are words or phrases that are repeated as a form of meditation or spiritual practice. They are believed to have the power to focus the mind, reduce stress, and promote feelings of inner peace.