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Four Important Facts about Consumer Search Activity

There are more than 100 BILLION searches per month just on Google alone

Google is the largest search engine on the internet; however, there are many more. If Google is receiving more than 100 BILLION searches per month, imagine how many searches all of the other search engines are getting combined?

This proves that internet search is not going away. So any business that needs more exposure needs to be as search engine friendly as possible to get their fair share of local exposure.

71% of purchase decisions are started with a search engine

People who are in the process of making some type of purchase tend to go online to either do research or find a business.

Whether they want to find out the pros and cons of the product or service itself… or they simply want more information about a local company before choosing to do business with them… the search engines supply them with more than enough information to base their decisions on.

More than 1/3 of all MOBILE searches are for LOCAL information

Out of the billions of searches performed online from mobile devices, 1/3 of them are for information on LOCAL products, services, and businesses. The best part about this is that mobile users are more likely to take action towards visiting or calling a business that they find on their mobile devices. So make it easy for them through good SEO.

Starting to see how important it is for your business to have as much search engine exposure as possible? Ready to get the ball rolling when it comes to SEO for your website?


Local SEO is hard. It takes a ton of time, energy, and resources. Doing it alone is a full-time job in itself. Unless you’ve been specifically trained on proper SEO, chances are that a professional can help you get the job done better – and faster.

An SEO expert knows what needs to be done, how to do it, and how to track results.

I can help put your company right in front of your target audience via a powerful SEO campaign, so CONTACT US  if you have any questions or are ready to get started.