New Name for our Facebook Page

I have had a page on facebook about Positive Thinking, Mindset and Meditation since 2012. I have had various websites, “” and “”.

My facebook page reflected those website names.

Now that I have decided, in the name of transparency, not to hide behind website names, I am pleased to announce that we are changing our facebook page name from “MyThirdEyes” to

“Joe Jepsen Meditation and Mindset Coach” to better reflect who I am and what I do.

I am still going to post the same type of content that I have since 2012, I am just branding myself. I won’t be some anonymous page on facebook.

Joseph E. Jepsen is the entrepreneur owner operator and system administrator of &

Joe is an Ordained Minister and a Doctor of Religious Science from Universal Life Church.
He is also a Certified Law of Attraction Coach by Global Sciences Foundation.

He lives in The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in the United States of America.  He loves sharing knowledge and helping others improve their lives.

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