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NO Cost to You! Medicare & Medicaid recipients can now check to qualify for an in-home cancer genetic screening (CGX) and pharmacogenetic screening (PGX) kit with NO out-of-pocket cost!

I just became a GSA (Genetic Screening Agent) with CareFreeNow. We are on a mission to eliminate preventable Cancer and Medication related deaths via industry leading genetic testing kits. We are currently providing these completely free of cost to qualifying patients.

— Joe Jepsen

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1. Qualify
Speak with your primary care physician or have one of our representatives speak to you about qualifying to speak with one of our Board-Certified physicians. 
Our physicians will review your medical history using our Electronic Health Records secure platform to determine your medical necessity and testing needs.

2.Genetic Screening Kit
Once approved you can order a NO Cost kit. The kit is fully funded by your Medicare/Medicaid insurance plan. 
Simply follow the instructions in the kit and then mail it to the lab fulfillment center for analysis and approval.

Request your NO cost testing kit.

3. Lab Results
Lab results are uploaded into our Electronic Health Record platform and a review of the DNA results are performed.

4. Plan of Care
You will be notified of results and a board certified physician or genetic counselor is provided to discuss plan of care.

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