Serenade of the Seas Centrum

Serenade of the Seas – Boarding Day

We had purchased valet parking online from the Port of Tampa, and I am so glad we did. We pulled up, the porter took our luggage. I thanked and tipped him. The valet scanned our parking pass that we printed out, and we got in line for security. The extra $20 for valet was well […]

Joe in Ybor City

Tampa Bay and Ybor City – Boarding Serenade of the Seas

It’s Cruise Day! We awoke from our slumber and got ready. Quick showers then off to explore Ybor City. The coffee at the hotel was just horrible. I don’t know how hotels can sleep at night serving sub-par coffee. The continental breakfast wasn’t much better, but it was enough to tide us until we could […]

Christy, Joe and Jessie

Tennessee to Tampa Bay, Cruise the next day

Our Cruise on the Serenade of the Seas began with a road trip. It’s around 700 miles from Sevierville, TN to Tampa, FL – We had looked at plane tickets, but it just wasn’t as cost effective for the three of us to fly vs drive. Plus this way we didn’t have to stress about […]


How to have greater Vitality and Youthfulness “NeuroMovement Healingfest”

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man and woman sitting on couch

Thanksgiving Day Movies to Watch Instead of Football

Don’t you love taking a trip down memory lane when watching ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ filled your heart with joy and pleasure? What’s not to enjoy in a cheerful and fun-filled movie night? Cramming down a lip-smacking meal, pretty much up to the gills. Then laying snug, taking pleasure in viewing movies that celebrate the […]

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The Best and Worst Times to Shop for Thanksgiving

Shopping for Thanksgiving is one of the most time-consuming tasks. It can also be extremely stressful if you go at the wrong time. Planning your Thanksgiving shopping in advance is the best way to make sure it runs smoothly. Below, you’ll discover when the best and worst times to shop for this popular holiday are. […]