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6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Change Your Life and Stop Worrying

Worry gets in to all the crevices of our lives. We worry about our jobs, our kids, our relationships, money, and a million other things every single day. It’s no wonder we feel like we’re not getting things done the way we’d like.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. To change your life and stop worrying, ask yourself these quick questions:

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How to Meditate

Meditation is an ancient technique that can benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It has many advantages, including: Stress relief Increased ability to relax More energy Increased motivation to work toward your goals Better relationships A heightened feeling of well-being Greater self esteem More confidence A stronger connection with your spiritual side Better health Meditation […]

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How to Meditate If You Have a Busy Lifestyle

Meditation is a process offering many advantages. While you only need to take ten minutes out of your schedule to meditate, it can be challenging to implement if you’re extremely busy. Those who lead busy lifestyles will benefit from meditation as a busy life can often result in added stress, and meditation is one way […]

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4 Key Life Lessons for Twenty-Somethings

Navigating the Crossroads of Life: Forgiveness, Self-Discovery, and Unplugging In your twenties, people will often tell you how this is the most important and most exciting decade of your life. This is the time when you’re experiencing new things, getting to know who you are, and carving out your path in life. From a development […]


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5 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Manifesting for You

So why is it that the law works for some and fails for others?
What is the real secret here?
Here are 5 reasons why the law of attraction may not be working for you and how you can fix the problem.

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Why year-round Daylight Saving Time is a bad idea.

Many people mistakenly think that DST year-round would be a good thing, resulting in “more daylight” in the evenings and not having to change the clock.

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7 Limiting Beliefs that are Stealing your Personal Freedom

Limiting beliefs are the negative messages about your ability or your characteristics often imprinted from your childhood. This continuous loop of ‘no you can’t’ becomes a pattern of self-sabotage that blocks you from achieving your dreams.

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10 Ways To Nourish Your Soul

To help increase your well-being and nourish your soul, we rounded up these 10 easy things you can do each day. Look through them and see which ones make you feel inspired to take that first step and get started.