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How to Meditate

Meditation is an ancient technique that can benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It has many advantages, including: Stress relief Increased ability to relax More energy Increased motivation to work toward your goals Better relationships A heightened feeling of well-being Greater self esteem More confidence A stronger connection with your spiritual side Better health Meditation […]

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6 Mantras That Calm Your Mind and Bring Inner Peace

Mantras are wonderful tools that you can use during meditation as well as other parts of your day. Whether you’re deep in meditation or simply trying to remind yourself of something important, a mantra is a great way to center your thoughts and keep yourself on track. If you’re having trouble developing a mantra or […]

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Why getting All your nutrition from food is unrealistic

The idea that you can get all your nutrients from food is fine in theory, but virtuallyimpossible in practice. Soil and water depletion, food and environmental toxins, poorabsorption, pesticides, exercise, and lack of calories can all cause nutrient deficiencies. There is evidence that getting many nutrients from food used to be realistic, though that is […]