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How to Meditate

Meditation is an ancient technique that can benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It has many advantages, including: Stress relief Increased ability to relax More energy Increased motivation to work toward your goals Better relationships A heightened feeling of well-being Greater self esteem More confidence A stronger connection with your spiritual side Better health Meditation […]

Happy Fest

Happy Fest 2020

Thousands have paid up to $248 for the course, and now it is yours to use FREE during six days, beginning on Monday, November 30. During Happy Fest you will hear conversations with some of the happiest people on the planet such as Jack Canfield, Hale Dwoskin, Chunyi Lin, Lisa Nichols, Debbie Rozman, and John Gray.

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Do You Have a Vision of What You Want From Life?

Have you ever felt like you were just wandering throughout life? As though you didn’t have a very clear idea of what you were doing or where you were going. Well that may be because of a lack of vision. Vision is an important part of overall success and achievement. Having a clear and firm […]