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6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Change Your Life and Stop Worrying

Worry gets in to all the crevices of our lives. We worry about our jobs, our kids, our relationships, money, and a million other things every single day. It’s no wonder we feel like we’re not getting things done the way we’d like.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. To change your life and stop worrying, ask yourself these quick questions:

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How to Meditate

Meditation is an ancient technique that can benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It has many advantages, including: Stress relief Increased ability to relax More energy Increased motivation to work toward your goals Better relationships A heightened feeling of well-being Greater self esteem More confidence A stronger connection with your spiritual side Better health Meditation […]

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How to Meditate If You Have a Busy Lifestyle

Meditation is a process offering many advantages. While you only need to take ten minutes out of your schedule to meditate, it can be challenging to implement if you’re extremely busy. Those who lead busy lifestyles will benefit from meditation as a busy life can often result in added stress, and meditation is one way […]

The Smoky Mountain Sunset Facebook does not want you to see.

I posted two pictures of a beautiful orange sunset. Minutes later, Facebook informed me that my post violated community standards for Cyber security by posting malicious content. It’s not the first time it’s happened but the first time I was informed and could actually see what the post was. The first time it happened I […]

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My Daily Cup of Joe: Friend or Foe?

Love your coffee, but worried it might be stealing your vitamins? ☕️ This article spills the beans on how your daily cup of joe might be affecting your nutrient absorption. From the “Great Flush” to surprise vitamin roadblocks, discover how to keep your coffee habit and your health in check. Read on for tips and tricks to enjoy your favorite drink without sacrificing essential vitamin

Identity Shift

Shift Your Identity, Transform Your Life

Early beliefs, though deeply ingrained, can be transformed. It’s time to build a new identity.Don’t fix a faulty identity. Just shift to a new one. This is the real power of identity shifting.


Don’t Let Doom-Scrolling Destroy Your Focus

You are being robbed of your life by engaging in doom-scrolling on a regular basis. Humans were not meant to be burdened with such horrific accounts of things outside of their bubble on a 24/7 basis.

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How to Let Go of Emotional Weight

The happiest people are those who learn to control their emotional baggage instead of allowing it to control them. Use these helpful tips on how to let go of the emotional weight so you can start living freely.

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4 Key Life Lessons for Twenty-Somethings

Navigating the Crossroads of Life: Forgiveness, Self-Discovery, and Unplugging In your twenties, people will often tell you how this is the most important and most exciting decade of your life. This is the time when you’re experiencing new things, getting to know who you are, and carving out your path in life. From a development […]